WS Line On-Wall Speakers

On-Wall Speaker with AS-XR and JET Tweeter

The WS 1645 allows playback without compromise … in any frequency range. The relationship to the highly award-winning BS 312 is obvious, since the same, pulse-friendly woofers with AS-XR technology and the high-resolution JET 5 tweeter are used here. The WS 1645 performs deep bass reproduction, which leaves nothing to be missed.

Meet the WS 1645 On-Wall Speaker

Audio reproduction without compromises.

The WS 1645 offers music reproduction without compromises ... in any frequency range. The resemblance to the award-winning BS 312 is obvious. After all, it uses the same powerful woofer incorporating AS-XR technology and the high-resolution JET 5 tweeter. The WS 1645 effortlessly reproduces deep bass that lacks nothing in terms of impact

Jet Tweeter

ELAC's Inimitable Air Motion Tweeter

ELAC’s JET tweeter is used throughout our loudspeaker range. This high-frequency driver enthralls with its lightning-fast response and wide dynamic range, offering minimal distortion, lots of headroom and a distinctly wider frequency range than conventional dome tweeters. The ELAC JET tweeter is one of the most legendary tweeters in the industry and has won international praise with its transparent and effortless sound image. Designed and manufactured in Kiel, Germany.

AS-XR Crystal Membrane Woofer

Smoother Excursion for Extended Frequency Range

Aluminum Sandwich Membrane with Extended Frequency Range The The eye-catching surface of the crystal membrane is more than just an attractive design feature. • Increased stiffness through crystal shape of aluminum cone • Extended frequency range (XR), smooth roll-off • Excellent large signal behaviour • Minimized VAS, (lot of bass out of small cabinets)

Family Sound Signature

Freely Combine Different Models

Although the various WS lines feature different chassis technologies, their exterior appearance is pleasingly consistent. And what looks good together also sounds good together - the ‘family sound signature’ gives you the freedom to combine different models from the WS lines as you please.

Enclosure type:2-way, bass reflex
Tweeter:1 X JET 5
Woofer:1 x 115 mm AS-XR cone
Crossover frequency:3,400 Hz
Frequency response:50 to 50,000 Hz
Sensitivity:88.5 dB / 2.83 V / m
Recommended power input:20 - 150 W / channel
Nominal impedance:4 5; Minimum: 3.9 9 400 Hz
Wall mounting:5 key holes
Magnetically shielded:No
Cabinet Finish:White silk matte
Grille:Magnetic Fabric Grill
Height:15.7 in.

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