Varro Subwoofers

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Backed by 95 Years of Excellence

ELAC Varro embodies 95 years of creating audio excellence through tradition, craftsmanship, and innovation.

Varro subwoofers are best-in-class. Designed for deep bass, power, and dynamic ability, these subs blend with any environment to be enjoyed at any listening level.

We know you'll like what you hear.

AutoEQ ELAC Sub Control 3.0

Download the Sub Control 3.0 App

A powerful app to control powerful bass.

Elac’s App control and Auto EQ let you operate and integrate our subwoofers seamlessly from your smartphone. Doing away with traditional analog controls, the Elac Subs incorporate our advanced digital control system. Simply download the ELAC SUB Control app for your smartphone* and you have complete control of multiple subwoofers at the same time.

ELAC’s Auto EQ corrects room issues by making a near-field measurement and comparing it to a far-field (listening position) measurement.

Custom Designed BASH Amplifier

All seven models utilize BASH technology.

The discrete implementation of these tracking amplifiers allows for maximum voltage swing, providing all the power that is needed and additional dynamic power throughout the entire operating range of the woofers.

BASH Subwoofer-Premium
Premium Woofer Explode whiteBG

*Premium Series. See diagram below for HEX Driver on Reference and Dual Reference Series.

Custom Driver Design with Large Diameter Voice Coils

Custom woofer drivers were designed for each Varro Series subwoofer to match the power output of its paired amplifier. To assist in this task, tbe drivers have large diameter voice coils (2 inches on the Premium models and 2.5 inches on the Reference and Dual Reference Series models) to accommodate higher power and the heat generated by the motor structure.

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