ELAC Miracord 80 Turntable

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ELAC Miracord 80 Turntable
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A new class of ELAC turntables


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The Miracord 80 demonstrates yet again ELAC’s long-standing association with vinyl.

Focusing on an all-embracing experience: The stylish design combines a plinth milled from solid wood, high-gloss or veneered finishes, and brushed anodized aluminum panels. An optional cover can be added to protect the delicate mechanism from unwanted dust.

The long list of features paves the way for perfect music reproduction. The high-mass turntable with its 5.6-kg platter provides the necessary inertia in the system while the PID-controlled DC motor ensures the correct number of revolutions per minute. This excellent speed stability is augmented by the 10“ carbon-fiber tonearm, whose geometry reduces the inherent tracking angle error.

Carbon Fibre Tone Arm

A light-weight carbon fibre tonearm with gimbal bearing and a removable headshell offers flexibility in the choice of cartridge.

Aluminium Platter

The Miracord 60 is equipped with a massive diamond chamfered piece of engineering art made of 22 mm die-cast aluminum.

Servo controlled DC motor

A built-in optical sensor, that sends its signal to a PID algorithm in the microcontroller which will then tune the speed of the DC motor.

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