All-around perfect sound.

Sometimes you want to elevate your listening experience beyond the expected, with an unfettered realism that accurately recreates a limitless landscape of sound. ELAC’s revolutionary 4Pi Plus.2 tweeter is a landmark development in high-frequency reproduction. Combining a pair with the finest loudspeakers—like the Line 500—results in a world-class audio system.

When it comes to surround-sound cinema, nothing compares to the 3-D realism of Dolby Atmos®. The ELAC TS 3030 Dolby Atmos® add-on speaker modules turn your existing loudspeaker system into a home-theater standout.

Product Details

4Pi technology

Immerse yourself in music—the ELAC 4Pi ribbon tweeter reproduces high frequencies in 360-degree surround sound, adding an incredible illusion of spaciousness to every piece of music. The 360-degree omnidirectional ribbon tweeter yields a resonance-free upper cut-off frequency of 53 kHz and makes this tweeter an ideal component for the reproduction of SACD and DVD-A source material. Its impressive and silky sound quality lends realistic air to voices and complex recordings.

The design principle incorporates an 0.006 mm aluminum ribbon to form the membrane, ultra-light in weight with an extremely high sensitivity. When a current passes this membrane, it expands and contracts like a breathing cylinder. Driven by a strong neodymium magnet system, the flexible ribbon yields exceptional response that is flat well beyond the limits of human hearing but essential to the accurate reproduction of ambience and hence, musical realism.