Debut 2.0 C6.2

Expanding reality with a wall of sound.

For full scale and power, a serious surround system needs a center channel complementary—and equal to—the front-channel speakers. The new Debut C6.2 paints a majestic soundstage that makes movies and music come alive. New dual front ports allow placement in cabinets or against the wall without compromising bass frequencies.

Debut 2.0 C5.2

Paint a panoramic sonic landscape.

To make a life-sized impression, a full-blown surround system needs a center channel just as formidable as the front-channel speakers. The new Debut C5.2 paints a majestic soundstage that makes movies and music come alive. New dual front ports allow placement in cabinets or against the wall without compromising bass frequencies.

Debut 2.0 B6.2

It’s small but mighty. And unbelievably musical.

Improving on the B6—a speaker with accolades from the global press and awards from industry professionals—was not an easy task. But constant improvement is what we do at ELAC, and the Debut B6.2 raises the bar for bookshelf performance higher than ever before. What competition it has starts at many times its price.

Debut 2.0 B5.2

Delivering unparalleled performance for its price.

Improving on its award-winning predecessor was no easy task, but the Debut B5.2 sets a yet higher standard, delivering performance in inverse proportion to its diminutive size. And it remains the best value in the world of affordable speakers, with sound that surpasses speakers many times the price.

Adante ACST-101

The ACST-101 Speaker stands are specifically designed for the Adante AC-61 Center Speaker. With plate steel top and bottom plates and fillable aluminum center columns these stands ensure your speakers will sound their best. The top plates pre-drilled holes allow for securing the AC-61 speakers to the stand.

Adante ASBT-101

The ABST-101 Speaker stands are the perfect match for the Adante stand mount speakers. With plate steel top and bottom plates and fillable aluminum center columns these stands ensure your speakers will sound their best. The top plates pre-drilled holes allow for securing the AS-61 speakers to the stand.

Debut S8

Nothing brings realism to recorded sound like deep, authoritative bass. Yet most affordable systems are compromised in this critical region. Here the rich, powerful bottom octaves are fundamental—literally—to the life of music and movie soundtracks when it comes to reproducing the full spectrum of instruments and sound effects.

Cinema 5 Set

ELAC’s Cinema 5: 5.1 Channel Home Theater Speaker System with Active Subwoofer delivers performance on a grand scale in one compact, easy-to set up package that opens up a whole new dimension in listening. Inside this box is a six-piece surround-sound speaker system engineered to expand your sonic landscape, while taking up so little space you barely know it’s there.

Precision drivers
Each satellite speaker features carefully selected ½-inch neodymium magnet tweeters that reproduce crystalline high frequencies with sparkle and precision. 3-inch Polypropylene midrange drivers accurately replicate voices and instruments with full-frequency depth and realism.

Clean connections
Their compact design, textured cabinet finish and elegant curved grills let the Cinema 5 speakers disappear in the room. Recessed binding posts allow placement nearly flush with wall surfaces for a clean look. Just add a 5.1-channel A/V receiver and get ready for the show!

Powered subwoofer
Immerse yourself in bass so powerful you won’t believe it comes from an 8-inch, bottom-firing driver in one clean, elegant cabinet. And because bass frequencies are omnidirectional, a single subwoofer gives you all the realistic impact from music and soundtracks.

Sophisticated control
Connect the subwoofer to your A/V receiver, put it anywhere in the room and plug it in. Then tune the bass crossover frequency control knob to suit your taste. Standby mode means you can leave it powered up all the time for even easier listening.

Discovery Z3

ELAC Discovery™ Z3 Wireless Speaker with 140 Watts of powerful built-in amplification means all you do is plug it in and listen! ELAC’s custom-designed drivers deliver crystal-clear highs and deep bass with so much impact you’ll think there’s a subwoofer hidden in the room! With just one system, you can stream all your favorite music effortlessly with Spotify Connect, Roon Ready, Discovery Connect and Bluetooth, using your smartphone or tablet… to any room in your home.


SUB3070 Powered Subwoofer

The Adante SUB3070 delivers a colossal 1,200 Watts of BASH amplifier power to dual 12-inch Aluminum Sandwich drivers, configured in an opposing configuration. Advanced Bluetooth® control, DSP and Auto EQ let you operate this no-compromise subwoofer from your smartphone. A steel base and included floor spikes ensure optimum performance. Gloss Black, gloss white and rosewood veneer finishes are available.

**A Bluetooth 4.0 low-energy Android or IOS device is required to set up and operate this subwoofer.

Debut IC-DT61-W

Home theater and surround-sound systems gain heightened realism from these in-ceiling speakers, designed to preserve critical imaging and soundstage detail that gets lost with ordinary designs. The 2-way IC-DT61-W incorporates drivers angled at 30 degrees, allowing optimum front, side and rear-channel placement and performance that turns any room into a fully capable movie and music environment.

Debut IC-D61-W

Achieving high-fidelity performance form an in-ceiling speaker was an exciting challenge for Andrew Jones and the ELAC engineering team. Taking lessons learned from the original Debut Series, the 2-way IC-D61-W maintains an invisible profile with sound that is anything but. With custom transducers, components and compact recessed cabinets, it transcends the limitations of ordinary in-ceiling designs and delivers a musical experience worthy of Debut.

Debut IW-DC51-W

This 2-way, three-driver center-channel is designed to perfectly complement the Debut IW-D61-W in-wall and even Debut floorstanding and bookshelf designs, creating a seamless center stage and bringing heightened realism to movie soundtracks and multi-channel surround-sound. Finally, a center channel in-wall solution that delivers all the performance of a free-standing center-channel, invisibly.

Debut IW-D61-W

This 2-way in-wall speaker shatters expectations with award-winning Debut sound, delivering musical refinement, deep bass and impressive power handling that are hallmarks of every Debut design. Now, discriminating listeners can bring ELAC quality reproduction into every room where space, layout or aesthetics demand a virtually invisible solution. Whether used for two-channel systems or incorporated into home theater and surround-sound systems, the IW-DC61-W is the perfectionist’s choice.

AM 200

The multi-award winning JET 5 tweeter and aluminum sandwich midrange/woofer fitted to the AM 200 convert the full spectrum of electric signals into true audiophile sound, from crisp treble to accurate, controlled bass.

The electronics used also have an important influence on the sound of the AM 200. Newly designed Class A/B amplifiers deliver a total of 80 watts to the tweeter and woofer for an exceptionally dynamic performance. A five-position selector switch, which influences multiple filter stages simultaneously, allows you to tailor the sound to the acoustic properties of the room. Whether placed close to a wall, on a sideboard, or in freestanding positions, the AM 200 achieves a perfect tonal balance at all times.

For analog connections, the AM 200 is fitted with one RCA socket, a 3.5 mm jack, and an XLR socket. A three-level gain control function allows you to match the speaker to the output voltage of the source device. Two S/PDIF digital inputs are also provided, one optical and one coaxial for sample rates of up to 192 kHz. The daisy-chain function enables digital signals to be fed from one AM 200 speaker to another AM 200.

Connect a source and you are good to go—and should you forget to turn off the AM 200 at the end of your listening session, it can do so by itself thanks to the automatic On/ Standby function.

Alchemy DMP-1

Roon Ready

The DMP-1 is Roon Ready, providing Roon subscribers with instant access to the world’s best music search and organization service. We added Roon capability to the DMP-1 because we believe it’s the most engaging, enjoyable way to browse your music. Being Roon Ready means that the DMP-1 transparently discovers and connects to Roon, with no network configuration and with bit-perfect delivery of audio to your DAC or digital preamp. With the addition of Roon, the DMP-1 delivers the power, flexibility, and performance benefits of networked audio, with the easiest setup and highest reliability available. Learn more here: www.roonlabs/roonready


Conjure music from almost any device

You can browse your digital music collection using MPaD apps, which are available for iOS and Android phones and tablets, or through Roon by using a phone, tablet or computer. The DMP-1 has its own internal web server with WiFi capability, so you can call up its web page from any device with a web browser to browse your music and perform setup functions. If it can run a web browser, it can control the DMP-1. Lots of audio devices offer USB connections, but usually just one. We included four USB inputs on the DMP-1, so you can connect a couple of USB drives and still have room for a couple of USB sticks, too. Through either the DMP-1’s web interface or through MPaD, you can easily browse through all the content on all the USB devices—right along with all the content on your networked devices, too.


Fear no format

We built the DMP-1 as a true high-end audio server, so it handles the high-resolution audio files audiophiles prefer. It supports WAV, FLAC and AIFF files in resolutions up to 24-bit/192 kilohertz, as well as DSD files. When you use the DMP-1 with the DDP-1, you can use the I2S interface, which provides jitter-free transfer of digital music data. The DMP-1 also includes USB, AES/EBU and coaxial digital outputs, so it can be used with other digital preamps and DACs, too.


An almost magical upgrade

The DMP-1 includes an external DC power supply, and it can also work with the Alchemy PS-5 upgrade power supply, which has outputs to power multiple Alchemy components. The PS-5 maintains separate feeds for analog and digital/control circuits, with separate positive and negative rails for analog circuits, well as large banks of storage capacitors to provide smooth, essentially ripple-free power to all connected components. The DMP-1 makes accessing your audiophile-grade digital music files as easy as plucking music files off a smartphone. It’s all your digital music, conveniently organized, easily accessed and delivered with uncompromised fidelity.


Key features

  • Accesses audio on networked devices
  • Controllable through Roon, MPaD iOS/Android app or web browser
  • Four USB inputs; I2S plus USB, AES/EBU and coax digital output
  • Plays 24/192 PCM plus DSD
  • Upgradeable through addition of PS-5 external power supply

Miracord 90

The ELAC Miracord 90 Anniversary draws on this legacy and meets the highest standards in terms of sound quality, workmanship and mechanical precision. Designed to deliver the same exceptional listening experience as our loudspeakers, it is a carefully thought-out and systematically executed concept that combines superlative engineering, exquisite build quality and premium materials.

Alchemy PS-5

For DDP-1 owners, the PS-5 is an easy and affordable way to improve dynamics, lower the noise floor, and enhance detail, spaciousness and musicality. It immediately and substantially elevates the performance of the DDP-1 by adding a much more advanced and capable power supply. It also complements the aesthetics of the DDP-1, by nesting into the unit, so the PS-5 looks like an integral part of the system rather than an add-on accessory.


Sound power

Inside the PS-5 are two separate, regulated power supplies: one for analog circuits, the other for digital and control circuits, which provide each the unique power qualities required to maximize their performance. These discrete supplies are routed into the DDP-1 (DAC/Preamp/Headphone Amp) through a special multi-pin connector on the rear of the unit for easy connectivity. Additionally, the AC-to-DC conversion is performed inside the PS-5 to prevent interference with the sensitive analog audio circuits inside the DDP-1. A balanced supply with separate analog and digital/control feeds, separate positive and negative rails for analog circuits, and large banks of storage capacitors for better filtering and improved dynamics.


Key features

  • Improve dynamics, lower the noise floor, and enhance detail
  • Two power supplies: one for analog circuits, one for digital and control circuits
  • Internal AC-to-DC conversion
  • Quick, easy connectivity with multi-pin connector
  • Seamless visual integration with the DDP-1

Alchemy PPA-1

The PPA-1 uses all-analog, discrete FET gain and EQ stages to transform the microscopic grooves in vinyl records into stunningly lifelike music. It includes all the features that serious vinyl enthusiasts demand, such as continuously-variable input loading, MC/MM gain switching and XLR and RCA outputs. It can also be upgraded by adding the PS-5 power supply, which can simultaneously power the PPA-1 and one other Alchemy component, such as the DDP-1 digital preamp.


Magical analog musicality

In our view, analog signals from vinyl records are already perfect when they leave the phono cartridge; all they need is to be handled with the utmost care in their path to the preamp. That’s why we use all-discrete, ultra-low-noise FET circuits for the PPA-1’s RIAA EQ and gain stages, with no integrated circuits in the signal path. It’s also why we provide an easy upgrade path. Just replace the supplied power supply with the PS-5, which offers superior filtration, tighter voltage regulation, lower noise and greater energy storage.


Transforms to suit any system
Serious vinyl enthusiasts need more than just the basic options, so we give them what they need. Load impedance is independently, continuously adjustable for both inputs, so optimal performance can be achieved with any cartridge and you’re not locked into specific settings. Either input can be set for MC or MM gain, and balanced XLR outputs are provided in addition to single-ended RCA outputs.


Key features

  • Fully discrete, all-analog FET design with no ICs in signal path
  • Selectable MM or MC gain
  • Two single-ended RCA inputs with continuously adjustable loading
  • Balanced XLR and single-ended RCA outputs
  • Upgradeable through addition of PS-5 external power supply