• October 18, 2023

Hearing crackles and pops in your audio can impact your overall experience, especially when trying to enjoy a movie or your favorite music. The noise can happen suddenly without warning, even if you’re using your best speakers. It is sure to raise concerns, and you will want to have it fixed immediately. ELAC provides state-of-the-art […]

  • October 18, 2023

When building a home theater or speaker sound system, it often begins with just a pair of speakers. This setup works well if you’re just starting since you can get a good sound range. However, as you delve deeper into the listening experience, you’ll notice that something is missing – the low bass sound that […]

We wanted to thank all those who visited us at Audio Advice Live 2023 in Raleigh, North Carolina, this month. Running from August 4th to 6th, it was great to see familiar faces and talk with Audio fans again. Audio Advice Live offers a dynamic and inviting ambiance where you can engage in a variety […]

You may have come across powered speakers in your search for a balanced and immersive sound experience. These speakers, also known as active monitors, offer plenty of benefits, such as easy integration, portability, compact design, and improved sound reproduction. However, after discovering what powered speakers are, you may notice certain downsides, such as a lack […]

Aside from getting an excellent set of speakers, other factors contribute to the overall musical experience you can get from your sound system. Room acoustics, amplification, and the quality of your music files also affect the quality of the sounds you hear. A crucial factor to consider is speaker placement, and one of the best […]

When it comes to home theater systems, the subwoofer plays a crucial role in delivering outstanding sound quality. The best subwoofer for home theater is designed to reproduce low-frequency waves, which are essential for creating a realistic and immersive audio experience. Without a good unit, your movies and music will lack the depth and punch […]

  Audio enthusiasts are always looking for ways to improve their audio experience. While most of that arguably boils down to preference, most audiophiles agree that the quality of sound depends on the type and quality of the speakers — and with that, tower speakers are a popular choice. With their high-quality sound and excellent […]

If you are a music enthusiast, a pair of high-quality, durable, long-lasting bookshelf speakers will be one of your best purchases. These are compact loudspeakers that usually come in pairs. The audio quality of bookshelf speakers is better – crisper, clearer, more nuanced – than most Bluetooth speakers that are very popular today. They can […]

A surround sound system is vital to a home entertainment setup. Quality audio elevates the overall experience when playing music, playing a game, or watching a movie, television show, or concert. These pastime activities become more enjoyable and satisfying because the auditory experience matches your widescreen TV’s visual crispness.  Get the most out of your […]

If you’re a music lover, you may have a collection of your favorite tracks, whether in vinyl, CD or digital form. Can your speaker system do justice to the incredible sound of your favorite tracks? Can high-fidelity sound reproduction be achieved with stand-mounted or bookshelf speakers, or would it be worth investing in floorstanding models? […]