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Where Should Subwoofers Be Placed?

Subwoofers are speakers designed to produce lower sound frequencies that a traditional surround sound setup can’t reproduce on its own. Specifically, they generate frequencies that typically range from 20 Hz to 200 Hz and are used to improve the overall sound quality of an audio system. They are commonly used in home theaters, where it […]


Debut ConneX DCB41 – The Reviews Are In

The Debut ConneX DCB41 powered bookshelf speakers define how simple it can be to deliver a premium audio experience for both movies and music. Featuring a wide variety of inputs (HDMI ARC, Analog/Phono, Optical, USB, and Bluetooth), and optimally-designed matching drivers and amplifiers, the DCB41 delivers a truly exceptional audio experience. Obviously we’re quite happy […]


Where To Place Bookshelf Speakers for the Best Sound

The proper placement is the most crucial factor when it comes to getting the best sound quality out of your bookshelf speakers. When optimally placed, these speakers produce a balanced, fuller sound—with better imaging and separation—allowing you to maximize your listening experience in small to mid-sized spaces. Poor speaker placement can take away from the […]

best on wall speakers for home theater

Best On Wall Speakers for Your Home Theater System

If you’ve ever put together a home theater system, you’ll know that your speakers are the most critical elements of the setup. They are responsible for giving you an all-encompassing and immersive sound experience, making your movies, music or games all the more enjoyable. On wall speakers are essentially speakers mounted on a wall and […]

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How To Connect Your Bookshelf Speakers to Your TV

Many TVs are designed to produce great video with razor-thin panels. Often this means built-in audio components and speakers are an afterthought, resulting in some terrible sound.  This is why it’s common for people to ask how to connect bookshelf speakers to a TV. This process should be straightforward, that is until you check the […]

how do floorstanding speakers work

How Do Floorstanding Speakers Work?

Floorstanding speakers should be your choice if you want excellent sound quality for your home theater system. But, how do floorstanding speakers work? Due to their size, these speakers offer a much better bass response than other options, such as stand-mount or bookshelf speakers. With a larger cabinet, these speakers give you a more significant […]


How to Connect Bookshelf Speakers to Your PC

The quality of the sound being played from your computer varies largely depending on the speakers used. Most PCs don’t have built-in speakers, so you’ll need to purchase them separately. However, midrange computer speakers have less-than-stellar performance and quality, making listening to music, watching movies or playing games less exciting.  For this reason, many people […]

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ELAC Announces Debut ConneX™ Powered Speakers with HDMI ARC

Orange, CA. September 12th, 2022 – ELAC, a leading global provider of high-performance speakers and electronics, today announced the Debut ConneX powered bookshelf speakers. These new powered bookshelf speakers combine the simplicity and versatility of a traditional soundbar with the performance of premium bookshelf speakers.   “A premium audio experience does not have to be complicated. These new […]

Elac Sub3030 in Living Room

Do I need a Subwoofer? The Role of the Sub and why it’s Important

You’ve picked out a set of great-sounding speakers, paired them with a well-matched amplifier, and arrived at the next stop in your audio journey… the Subwoofer. The Subwoofer is the most misunderstood component in the audio system. You may have heard conflicting opinions regarding these monolithic low-frequency boxes. Some will say, “The Subwoofer is the […]

High End Munich with ELAC

ELAC was back at HIGH END 2022 in Munich!

From May 19th to 22nd 2022 the ELAC team was thrilled to be taking part once again in the exciting and internationally renowned HIGH END Show in Munich. After more than 2 years without tradeshows and exhibitions, it was rewarding for the team to show the product releases of recent years in public for the […]