Miracord Turntable

The Miracord 60 Turntable

For the discerning audiophile seeking a turntable that harmonizes exceptional performance with timeless elegance, the ELAC Miracord 60 emerges as a beacon of sonic excellence. Crafted with meticulous attention to detail, the Miracord 60 boasts a belt-drive mechanism that ensures unwavering rotational stability, minimizing the dreaded wow and flutter that can mar the listening experience. Its carbon fiber tonearm, a testament to ELAC's engineering prowess, glides effortlessly across vinyl records, extracting every nuance and detail with remarkable precision.

Carbon Fiber Tone-Arm

A carbon fiber tonearm with a gimbal bearing represents a pinnacle of audio precision and performance. Its carbon fiber construction offers unparalleled rigidity and lightness, minimizing unwanted resonance and distortion while ensuring remarkable tracking accuracy across the vinyl grooves. The incorporation of a gimbal bearing provides a fluid, low-friction pivot, enabling the tonearm to effortlessly glide, reducing frictional noise and preserving delicate details within the music.

Die Cast Aluminum Platter

The 22mm thick die-cast aluminum platter stands as a testament to precision engineering and audiophile-grade performance. Its substantial mass contributes to excellent rotational stability, effectively minimizing unwanted vibrations and resonances that can distort audio playback. The die-cast aluminum construction ensures a high degree of inertness, promoting consistent speed stability for a more accurate and detailed reproduction of the music.

Servo Speed Control

A sensor and motor control circuit measures the actual platter speed at the bearing and corrects it instantaneously in a closed-loop feedback system. This technique greatly improves the Model 60’s wow and flutter specification.

Anti-Resonance Chassis

The Miracord 60 plinth is made from one 50 mm block of MDF whose outer shape and inner structure are precisely CNC machined to a tolerance of .1 mm providing superior isolation resulting in minimized sonic effects of vibration and feedback.



Elac is synonymous with Miracord. In 1957 ELAC patented an electro-magnetic pick-up which established ELAC as a world leader in pickups. Further development of this technology led to what becomes known as Moving-Magnet cartridge systems or simply MM.

Carbon Fibre

Tone Arm

A light-weight carbon fibre tone arm with gimbal bearing and a removable headshell offers flexibility in the choice of cartridge.

Servo Controlled

DC Motor

Miracord 60 employs a Servo Belt Drive Motor. A sensor checks and adjusting the speed of the motor up to 500 times a second, making sure the speed of your turntable is consistent with no manual adjustments, bringing wow and flutter down. minimum.



The Miracord 60 is equipped with a massive diamond cham- fered piece of engineering art made of 22 mm die-cast aluminium.

Drive SystemBelt-drive
MotorDC motor
Selectable Speeds33⅓ and 45 pm
Rotation Speed Variation+/- 0.33%
Wow and Flutter< 0.12%
PlatterAluminum die-cast
TypeCarbonfibre tube
Overhang18.6 mm
Offset Angle25 degrees
Anti-Skating Adjustment0...4
Main BearingStainless steel
Miracord 60 - MRC601 Sales Sheet Version: 1.0.0 (English) Download
Miracord 60 - MRC601 Owners Manual Version: 1.0.0 (English) Download

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