Speaker Stands Speaker Stands

Speaker stands for Carina BS243.4 (Satin), Navis and Vela BS403 (High Gloss)

A monitor loudspeaker comes into its own when placed on a solid, stable stand like the ELAC LS 60 and given the space, just like a floorstanding loudspeaker. Placing a monitor speaker on a cabinet or bookshelf, risks amplifying unwanted resonances. The LS 60 is particularly beautifully finished and available in white and black color.

Designed for:Solano BS 283, Vela BS 403, Concentro S501 and S503
Height:700 mm (incl. spikes)
Width (Base):270 mm
Length (Base):330 mm
Width (Top Plate):130 mm
Depth (Top Plate):143 mm
Weight7.0 kg
Accessories4 Spikes with Saucers, 4 Silicone Caps, Screws for Mounting, Required Mounting Tools

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