Andrew Jones Talks about Uni-Fi 2.0

Andrew Jones Talks About What's New With

UniFi 2.0

Concentric Driver

Ultra-wide sweet spot means great sound for everyone

Many speakers only sound good in a tiny area known as the sweet spot. Sitting outside of the sweet spot leads to disappearing high notes or non-existent bass.

With our concentric / coaxial driver, you'll hear the same great sound wherever you are in the room with an ultra-wide sweet spot whether side to side or above and below.

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3 Way System

Vocals that cut through the bass

In a two way system, speakers have a hard time playing lows and mids at the same time because it has a driver (tweeter) optimized for highs, and a driver (woofer) that plays both lows and mids.

A three way system solves this problem by having three drivers, each optimized to play either lows, mids, or highs.

Front Firing Port

Convenient Placement

Not enough space to put your speakers 3 feet away from the wall? That's fine - you don't need to with the UniFi 2.0.

With front firing ports, you can now put your speakers right up against the wall. No more uncomfortable resonances. No more muddy and overpowering bass.

Say hello to tight, dynamic bass... wherever you put your speakers.

*Front firing port only on UB52 and UC52

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All New Crossover

Organic, lifelike sound that's easy to drive

UniFi 1.0 sounds amazing and requires a beefy 4 ohm rated amplifier for it to sing.

By redesigning the crossover, we made the UniFi 2.0 sound even better while needing a less powerful amplifier to power it.

Reinforced Cabinet

Turn up the volume. Not the rattles.

Turn up the volume with confidence - the UniFi 2.0s can take it, rattle free.

With a reinforced cabinet design, we've made sure that our speakers won't add their own contribution to your music when you turn it up.

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New Bass Driver

The same Uni-Fi sound at every volume

We've solved the case of the missing bass. It can now be felt even when your speakers are whisper quiet.

Our new bass driver has been designed to be stiffer, with a more optimized linearity. This means your music will offer the same clarity whether the UniFi 2.0s are whispering or shouting.