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First Place

Giveaway - UniFiv1 LS10 Sub1010 noCTA Bkgd 1_1

Home Audio Bundle

Uni-Fi UB5 Bookshelf | Sub1010 Subwoofer | LS10 Speaker Stand
MSRP: $939.97

The Uni-Fi's custom designed concentric driver makes it a true 3-way speaker and brings it into the realm of true high-end audio.
With an LS10 speaker stand and a Sub1010 subwoofer included in this bundle, this is the perfect upgrade for anybody looking to leap into the world of high fidelity audio.

"I'd buy these before my heart even had time to make a beat"


Second Place

Elac Miracord Review CNET

Miracord 50

Exceptional Vinyl Transcription
MSRP: $399.98

Bring back the Golden Age of Stereo with the Miracord 50. Designed to deliver the authentic vinyl sound you know and love, this turntable brings you back to an era where turntables reigned supreme.

Elac Miracord Review CNET

Third Place

Elac Discovery Z3 Review

Discovery Z3

Stream Music in Lossless Quality
MSRP: $459.98

This is what happens when you mix 95 years of experience of high fidelity audio heritage with  the convenience of a modern day speaker.

With 4x custom designed drivers and 140 Watts of power, you can now stream lossless quality audio from anywhere in your house.

"Soffie Viemose's voice sounded effortless and uncolored"

- AL G.