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Quick Start Guide

1 • Attach Feet

Place on a stable surface, either a shelf or a speaker stand. Stick the included rubber feet to the bottom for greater stability.

Rubber Feet

2 • Connect Speaker

Connect the second speaker to the Main "Powered" Speaker using a speaker cable (included).

Speaker Connect

3 • Connect Source

Plug in your source using one of the many connections on the back. Click here for more information on connection Options.


4 • Plug In Power

Plug in one end of the included power cable to the AC port located on the back of the Controller Speaker and the other into a wall outlet.

Power Cable

5 • Select Source

Press the volume knob on the back to power on. Once powered on, you can press the volume knob on the back of the controller speaker to select the source.

ConneX Choose Source WS

6 • Rock Out

Enjoy simplified audio bliss.

Scroll down for more details on how to connect to specific devices.


XBass Settings

XBass is a proprietary circuit to boost low-frequency performance. If connecting a subwoofer, XBass can be turned OFF completely.


Press and hold the XBass button on the remote for 2 seconds.

LED display will blink once for OFF
LED display will blink twice for ON

Change XBass Level

When ON - Short-pressing XBass button will cycle XBass setting between Normal and High.


ConneX - xBass Instruction 600x600
ConneX Connected to TV

Connect to Television


The Debut ConneX can receive audio from your TV over HDMI utilizing ARC (Audio Return Channel).

  • Locate the HDMI (ARC) port on your TV and connect it to the HDMI (ARC) port on the back of the ConneX Speaker.
  • Your television remote control can also control, power on, mute, and adjust the volume of your Debut ConneX.

Note: HDMI supports eARC and ARC inputs from most televisions.

Digital Optical

If your TV does not support audio over HDMI or ARC, you can use the digital audio output on your TV or receiver.

  • Connect your TV's Optical Output to the Optical input on the ConneX using a TOSLINK Cable.

Connect to Computer (Mac/PC)

The ConneX is equipped with a built-in Digital-to-Analog Converter (DAC) to easily connect to a PC or Mac.

  • The ConneX uses a USB Type B Cable (typically used for printers and other peripherals).
  • Connect the standard USB 3.0 (or 2.0) cable to your computer. Connect the square USB Type B end to the back of the ConneX.

Note: Ensure you are connecting to the square USB input. The input labeled "UPDATE ONLY" cannot be used for audio.


Some computers come equipped with optical audio outputs. These can also be used to deliver audio to the Debut ConneX.


If your computer comes equipped with Bluetooth, you can also deliver audio to the ConneX.



ConneX Connected to Computer
ConneX Connected to Bluetooth

Connect to Bluetooth

The Debut ConneX is compatible with most devices that can deliver audio over Bluetooth.

  • When the ConneX powers up for the first time, the "BT LED" will flash if no devices have been paired.
  • When the LED is flashing, locate "ELAC DCB41" in the list of available Bluetooth devices for pairing.

Bluetooth Pairing can also be initiated as follows:

  • Press and hold Bluetooth Button on the ConneX remote until LED flashes.
  • Press and hold the rear volume button while Bluetooth Input is selected (Blue LED) until the LED flashes

Connect to Music Player

The Debut ConneX is equipped with RCA inputs for compatibility with a wide range of audio sources.

  • Ensure the Phono switch is set to OFF (unless you are connecting a Turntable).
  • Connect the Right channel of your audio source (generally indicated by the color red) to the right input on the ConneX.
  • Do the same for the Left channel (generally indicated by White or Black).

Connecting a Turntable or Record Player

Connecting a Turntable or Record Player requires a Phono preamp. The Debut ConneX has a built-in Phono preamp that can be turned ON or OFF.

  • Connect your Turntable (or Phono Preamp) to the ConneX using RCA cables as described above.
  • If you wish to use the ConneX Phono Pre-amplifier, ensure the Phono switch is set to ON.
  • If you wish to use an external Phono pre-amplifier, ensure the Phono switch is set to OFF.
  • The Ground connection is optional. It is recommended to be used as it can lower residual noise.
ConneX Hooked Up To Elac Turntable




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