3-Channel Digital Amplifier

Backed by 95 Years of Excellence

Backed by 95 years of audio excellence through tradition, craftsmanship, and innovation, our products are developed by a passionate group of individuals whose sole purpose is to bring a new dimension of sound quality into your home - The Life of Sound.

IS-AMP340 in-wall amplifier was designed to offer a complete TV solution.

Incorporating a set of unique features that offer users the quality of a soundbar, and the elegance of true custom installation.

ELAC’s Solution To Better Television

IS-AMP340-BK Right with Remote 2

The IS-AMP340 digital amplifier is loaded with features, packed into a small chassis to fit in tight spaces. Designed to work both as a 2 or 3 channel in stereo or full Dolby Digital decoding. Seamless integration with 3rd party controllers and a custom WebGUI for easy setup and deployment.

ISAMP340-HeroSmall 830x700


  • 3 x 40 watts per channel, or 2 x 60 watts per channel
  • Dolby Digital Decoding with LFE Subwoofer Output
  • ABC (Auto Blend & Calibrate) Auto Room EQ
  • Remote learning with IR Input/Output
  • Third-Party Control (IP Based)
  • iOS and Android apps for control and setup
  • Analog L/R Line Level Input
  • Digital/Optical Input
  • Bluetooth Audio
  • Ethernet Input
  • Subwoofer Out (LFE)
  • 12 Volt Trigger

True 3.1 Dolby Digital with LFE Sub Out

Official Dolby Digital Decoding provides discreet Centre Channel and Subwoofer output.

Dialog will be clear and easy to understand without the need to crank the volume. The LFE (Low Frequency Effects) output provides the realism that only a subwoofer can provide.

3 channel audio upscaled-resized

ABC™ (Auto Blend & Calibrate)

The companion IOS and Android app measures the near-field response of main speakers and subwoofer, then pinpoints the subwoofer’s optimal crossover frequency.

Auto Blend results in the perfect integration of clean, articulate bass.

Room Calibration precisely tailors your system for flattest frequency response across the audio spectrum, optimized for your listening position and environment.

App Control and Web GUI

Utilize the iOS/Android applications or Web GUI to fine tune the amplifier to their desired listening preferences.

A status screen shows the current state of each channel along with both input and output levels for each channel. Settings can be saved for easy replication of projects.

ISAMP340-webgui and app
Ethernet Cresteron-Upscale-newlogos

Third Party Support Via Ethernet

The built-in ethernet port allows seamless integration with third-party platforms such as Crestron, Control4, Savant, RTI, and more. Your television becomes an extension of your existing home automation.

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