HDMI ARC to Variable Analog Converter

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Upgrade Your TV Audio

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With the advent of Smart Televisions, connectivity has changed. Analog outputs have been removed, meaning audio must be connected via eARC or Optical.

Optical is fixed output and therefore has no volume control and HDMI needs to be connected to a capable system. This forces users to upgrade the entire audio system when they only need a simple analog out.

HDX21 solves this problem.



  • Easily converts HDMI ARC Audio into an analog stereo signal.
  • Secondary Analog In with Threshold Adjustment for volume matching.
  • Priority Auto-Switching ensures you hear the correct source when it's being played.
  • Adjustable Delay for Switching Mechanism and Built-in 12V Trigger.

Control External Speakers With TV Remote

The ELAC HDX21 is the perfect solution for providing variable analog audio from modern televisions featuring HDMI ARC connectivity. Using the television's standard remote control users can now control the volume to connected powered speakers or external amplifiers without the need for a complex home automation system.

HDX21 Labels


InputsHDMI ARC, Analog L/R
OutputsAnalog L/R
Voltage Threshold2 To 200 Millivolts
Time Delay0.5 To 130 Seconds
12v TriggerYes (100mv)
Dimensions (mm)155 X 74 X 22
Net Weight1.49lbs / 0.68kg

Prioritized Auto-Switching
Seamless Transition Between Analog & HDMI

HDX21 Routing

HDMI (eARC) is the default input and will pass through to the output. When a source is detected at Analog Input, it will automatically switch the analog Input to the Output.

When the signal is removed, the switch will remain in the Analog input until the delay time has elapsed, at which point the switch returns to eARC.

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