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    I forgot to mention an update after the initial hearing test on the 10th of October.
    I have spoken to the manufacturer of the Sbooster, also like me a Dutch guy and if you use the external USB port on the Elac Discovery, do NOT buy the additional Sbooster Ultra Module !!!

    The additional Sbooster Ultra Module will draw power from the Sbooster 12-13v linear power supply and if also an external SSD is connected on the USB port, the Ultra Module will shut down on the Sbooster power supply.

    Sbooster will come with a new version in the future which uses less energy, so wait on that new module.

    But also without the extra module which is an additional purifier/filter and extra voltage stabilisator, the Sbooster linear power supply is standalone a very good addition to the Elac Discovery.

    But I am a very down to earth guy and I think Elac already created a very good switching power supply.
    I also got that from a tech journalist which reviewed the Elac also, the standard Elac power supply is designed very well!!

    Do I suggest to buy a Sbooster Linear power supply 12-13V? Hard to say, I like overkill designed machines so I keep the Sbooster.
    I really think the Sbooster would be an upgrade if Elac had a bad power adapter design, but it’s engineered to well to advice people to say: please buy an Sbooster.

    Ok what is your audio set then Ralph? maybe low fi set and can’t hear the difference well?
    I got Focal Cobalt 816S speakers, each speaker is vertically bi amped (each Focal 816S have one dedicated 2 channel power amplifier, channel1 for tweeter, channel2 for bass and basmid units).
    As preamplifier a nice English Cyrus DACXP with extra separate dedicated Cyrus PSX-R power supply.

    So two Crown K2 power amplifiers with XLR close to the speakers each and a 4 post XLR Cyrus preamp with built in DAC.
    Really a recommendation: Crown K2 silent power amplifiers, straight linear power amps: ±0.1 dB from 20 Hz to 20 kHz and not expensive to buy.
    Focal Cobalt S version also cheap on internet, about 400 – 600 euro.

    But keep in mind that the short created Cobalt line has the exact tweeter as the expensive Electra line of that time.
    Often by Focal is stated: same used tweeter material as in top range.

    But with the Cobalt you get the SAME tweeter as from that time Electra! Also genuine W-composite cone material as from that time Electra and not a kind of glass fiber as by Chorus model.
    Attention: Please at least biwire those Focal Cobalt 816S, it matters, bass level will be a little higher for a fuller sound compared to normal 2 way binding.

    I hope this long review made the waiting worth will LOL.

    Enjoy your Discoveries out there and spent your money in nice speakers or a nice NAD or Cyrus preamp. The supplied Discovery power adapter although switching mode, is engineered very well to notice almost no difference.

    I know switching power supplies got a bad name these days, but well engineered: they are very good.

    Keep in mind that there are also lot’s of not well engineered power supplies out there so the word “linear power supply” is no guarantee for a good power supply.

    To keep it clear, the Sbooster is also very well engineered by the way. But save your few hundred euro’s in a stereo upgrade like those Focal Cobalt S version 😉

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    Dear all,

    Hereby the update.I have used the Elac Discovery as a pre-amplifier to one of my power amplifiers and it works well, nice control range for volume, so official no need to put my Cyrus preamplifier on the Crown K2 power amplifier.

    I have also tested with the cinch outputs (analogue) to my Cyrus preamplifier and that connected to my power amp.

    Must say the analogue out cinches give very good sound!!

    There is no big difference if I take the digital out (SPDIF) and connect it to my good Cyrus DAC or use the analogue out cinches.

    I expect that the DAC inside the Elac Discovery attached to the analogue out on the back of the Elac, is a very well DAC!!
    Nice that Elac also invested in that internal part to analogue.

    I now have two stereo sets attached to the discovery, my main stereo by SPDIF out and another set by analogue output nr1.

    I even can use a third audio set with speakers to it. Very versatile machine that Elac!!!

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    I also received a Sbooster 12-13V yesterday. Now testing it, I don’t know if there will be a differenc. I will also receive the Sbooster Ultra module tomorrow.
    Curious if the Ultra will offer any sound difference on the Sbooster 12-13Volt.

    I have heard from several people that Elac already designed the power adapter very well. Also an audio journalist told me, Sbooster will bring very minimal effects on the Elac Discovery, the Elac power adapter was designed very well.
    I think I will come to the same conclusion.

    You will benefit more from this linear power adapter Sbooster if you use it on equipment with a phone charger or poor built cheap power adapter.

    But I will keep listening and comparing this coming weeks. I always like these kind of tests.

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    Thank you Charles for your reply! I shall try it out, 2 volt output is enough, so that’s great.

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    Thanks Charles, I shall send the file. Today it worked again while I started the Roon app. But please take a look, it is sometimes working some time and then hours disconnected.

    I got an iPhone 7+

    I shall now send the file to the given email address

    Thanks in advance!

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    If one wants a linear power supply, you can buy an Sbooster, Dutch brand created a special Elac Discovery linear power supply.
    But I heard from reviewer that the standard Elac power supply is designed well.

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    Dear Charles,

    Thank you for your reply, I now understand more why Elac made this Discovery without an on/off button.
    Yes indeed hardware can suffer more from full power turning on at once each time.
    Yes if the energy consumption is very low it’s also not environmental unfriendly issue anymore.

    Yours sincerely Ralphies.

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    Dear Charles,

    The reason I would like a software on/off button in the Elac Discovery?
    First reason is that I listen one or two hours a week, so why must it be activated 24 hours daily coming years non-stop?

    Second reason, will the hardware suffer more in the expected life expectancy by being activated non-stop compared to activate the Elac Discovery for two hours a week use only?
    Will the life expectancy be longer if I only turn it on for two hours a week and after listening put it in standby?

    Third reason, environmental view. I also got some LED lights in my house, maybe around 5 Watt led bulb, however during the day I turn off the lightning in house.
    I only turn on the lights when it gets dark. Why keep the lights on although power consumption is very low.

    But I am open for good arguments, maybe you got a good reason for no on/off button, if so, I like to hear it.


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    Stupid me this was already initially my stand-by request.

    Please can I request Elac to write a script to create an standby button? Or with playing music after 15 minutes automatically sleep-mode?

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    Thank you Klirrfaktor ! You made me happy!
    It worked to turn off the led. Now it’s off for good but better than bright led shining continuesly in my sleeping room.

    Hope in the future the led option will be extended by turning on when you only use the Discovery.

    I shall request in a new topic if there will be an on/off option in Roon Essential.
    Every factory wants to be green/ecology etc.
    24 hours full load turning machines without off button is not from this times anymore.

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    Just type in your browser the IP-address of your Discovery into an internet browser, and the you see on/off switch led.

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    Ok, so it’s a useful upgrade? Good to hear! I shall consider it. Thanks for sharing this experience!

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