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    Hi myself vishwanth I have denon avrs930H amp. My home theater room is a medium sized. I want to know which speakers to select and where to place them.I need a good quality of sound as i listen to music and watch movies .

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    Charles Mallari

    Hello Vishwanth,

    Most of the team would agree the Debut is the best value of our speaker line up. The Uni-Fi has a smoother clearer sound and is well worth the investment. The Uni-Fi Bookshelf even though they look like a two way speaker is a very much a three way speaker. But either will sound great!

    I have the 4 bookshelves, 1 center channel and two S10eq subwoofers in a ~20’x20′ room with 10′ ft ceilings and it’s plenty of sound. I would actually recommend an atmos 5.2.2 over a 7.2. I checked and your receiver is Dolby Atmos capable. I believe the height speakers have a greater impact on the experience than the extra surrounds. If you have flat ceilings, adding the Debut A4 would be a great addition.

    Our Debut A4s are compatible with the Uni-fi speakers.

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    My friend had the same – they are fantastic)

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