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    The communication from ELAC on such an exciting new range is frustrating. We get tons of show on YouTube, with the great man himself talking about it’s merits, but then just this weird silence for 6 months, just that it’ll be available in July… it’s now nearing August and it appears to be available on Amazon, but with a 1-2 month shipping time frame. And absolutely no news for other markets outside the USA.

    Dying to get my hands on this. Please give us some us some dates we can rely on for a UK release.

    Many thanks,

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    Could put this another way: does anyone even currently own a pair of UF5’s yet? Do these concentric unicorns exist?!

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    I’ve also been trying to get some information on this – posted on Elac Facebook page as well, but no response yet.

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    I’ve asked stockists, here’s one thread. Fine you know, Elac doesn’t sell well in UK. Weird though, is that just becuase of marketing, or the market? For me I’m just interested in quality, design pedigree, and price point. That’s universal. And like… Andrew Jones is English anyway?! Don’t get this.

    Hello Marc,

    Last time we spoke to Elac about these, our contact had no idea what was happening with them – as far as we can tell at the moment, they aren’t going to be available in the UK. And should they be, I don’t think we’ll be stocking them, we don’t really do enough volume with Elac to justify it. If they do become available for order, I’ll make sure we get in touch and let you know.

    My reply:

    Cheers for the quick reply. How on earth can I get concentric 3 way floor standers designed by a legend at that price? Hence I’m really fixed on getting these. As someone getting into audio/phile… And I’m sure there must be many like me, the whole story about these is a very easy sell. Surprised they wouldn’t be able to drum up some press and sales. If they can’t with this what can they do it with?!

    And then:

    Good news, we’ve just spoken to Elac again and while we won’t be stocking them, we will be able to order a pair in if you’d like to make a purchase. I’ll get hold of a price for you.

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    FYI tried to edit a typo on the post and got this:

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    Hi Elac, if you’re listening, it’d be really really good if you could let your two fans in UK know when we’ll be able to get the Uni-Fi.
    I’m really perplexed by the total lack of info. Is this a real product?
    I’m dying to get my hands on the Uni-fi floor standers to replace my Debut F6’s. These are in my office which is lovely and all but wall to wall concrete and glass. This is why I want some concentric’s: apparently it diminishes the role room dynamics play.

    Seriously though, please let us know! Thanks so much.

    Elac Debut F6 In Office

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    Any update on this? Contacted ELAC directly but didn’t get a response. Cannot find any info at all on when or if the Uni-Fi range will be available in the UK.

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    Hey all, I Have a brand new set of Uni-fi ub5s if anyone in the uk or Ireland is interested ? Just post on the forum. Just trying to help other audiophiles out.

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