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    I have these products set up-

    ELAC S10 Debut Series 200 Watt Powered Subwoofer

    ELAC C5 Debut Series 5.25″ Center Speaker

    ELAC B5 Debut Series 5.25″ Bookshelf Speakers (Pair)

    What do I need to complete the room? Do I need the floor speakers or something to mount. This is for a living room and movies, music, etc. Do I need 2 F5s? Or Should I mount 2 B5’s? I have a fantastic amp.

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    Charles Mallari

    Hello mblawatty,

    The main difference between the F5s and B5s is that you can play a little louder and get a little more bass extension with the F5s.

    Between the F5s and B5s it really depends on whether you play more movies or more music.

    For chores or parties let all speakers play!

    For Movies you should set all speaker to small and crossover at 80Hz.

    For critical music listening(sitting and only listening) I prefer to run the left and right speakers in full range and maybe bring in the sub for a little bit of weight at the bottom end.

    Charles Mallari

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