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    Ive been eyeballing the Uni bookshelf for awhile now,the problem however is I plan on using one of my five vintage receivers to drive them.
    The only one of the five that specifies an ohm load is my Onkyo TX-6500 MK ll,which states on the rear of the unit “more than 4 ohms”.

    I spoke to my local hifi dealer today and he tossed some rhetoric at me about how various companies use different values to measure ohms and said not to worry and grab the Uni…Of course if one of my vintage receivers goes up in a blue smoke haze he will step up and offer to sell me more gear… 🙁

    So can you tell me definitively one way or the other;Can I use my vintage gear to drive the 4ohm Unis or no?



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    Charles Mallari

    I would try it on the Onkyo as it states more than 4 Ohm. Many newer amps have a built in protection to protect the amp. I would not try the Uni-fi on a vintage amp that does not state that it’s 4ohm capable. As I’m unsure what the amp will do with a 4 ohm load and I’m concerned about you destorying you cool vintage amp. In general, watch out for heat and keep the volume mild until you have a better idea of the amp’s capabilities.

    Speaking with Andrew, the Uni-Fi are an easy to power 4 ohm power. In general, a speaker has different impedance at different frequencies. The nominal impedance refers to the lowest impedance and not necessarily the average or mean. So somewhere in the frequency range (under 80hz) the speaker hits and low enough impedance to call it a 4 ohm speaker.

    Charles Mallari

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