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      Would UB5 or UC5 be a suitable center channel to pair with Navis B51 on a multichannel setup? I would like to have active stereo speakers mixed with a complete 5.1.2 Atmos.

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      ELAC Support

      Hello Joonas,

      So you would use the Navis B51 as main Left and Right and then use the UC51 as center and the UB51s as surrounds.

      That would work great! The powered Navis will decrease the load on your AVR.

      Just make sure that the AVR has preamp outs. So that you can connect the Navis speakers to the receiver.

      Charles Mallari

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      Yes, that’s what I was thinking. Is there going to be any possible upgrades to the Uni-Fi line also? I don’t have to hurry about my home theater upgrade, since the Navis aren’t yet available in my Country.

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      JoonasP, it’s been over a year but did you ever upgrade to the Navis L/R plus the Uni-Fi center ? I am evaluating that exact setup for my 5.1.2

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      I would like to use new navis for front channels and old uc5 for center and ub5 for surround. I still have debut b5, can I use it for surround back? I also have a4’s for atmos. Using marantz sr6012.. thank you

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