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      While the Debut 2.0 line looks great, I’m very interested in getting the Uni-Fi’s. My problem, however, is that my center speaker will have to be placed in a closed space in my entertainment unit cabinet. There’ll be virtually no space above the speaker and maybe only 4 inches behind it. I’m worried because the UC5 is rear-ported, while the C6.2 is front-ported, and the UC5 will have the rear ports going into an almost enclosed space.

      For a 3.1 setup in a medium-size room that’ll primarily be use for home-theater/TV use, should I go with the Uni-Fi’s (UB5 & UC5) despite the suboptimal placement of the center speaker, or would I be better off with the Debut 2.0’s (B6.2 & C6.2)? Or is it better to go UB5 for the L & R with the C6.2 for the C channel?


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      ELAC Support

      Hello Q,

      If you use the uni-fi with a subwoofer, most AVRs have the ability to crossover the main speakers at 80hz. Meaning all bass is diverted from the main speakers to the subwoofer. These are THX standards.
      The ports are mainly utilized below 80hz, so it doesn’t really matter if it’s enclosed in a tight space.

      If you were not using a subwoofer, the speakers would need to run in full range. The Debut 2.0 would be better in the enclosed space because of the front ports.

      We always prefer that you have all front three speaker be of the same series. So if you use the Debut 2.0 center stick with Debut 2.0, if you get the Uni-Fi center stick with Uni-Fi.

      Charles Mallari

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