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    Which of these two amps would be best with a pair of UB5s. Marantz PM8005 or Yamaha A-S701?
    The yamaha has more power at 160w and marantz 100w at 4 ohms but i dont know if it will still have the power and maybe sound better with a Torodial transformer.


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    Charles Mallari

    Hello KSound,

    I believe that you emailed me about these choices and I was hoping others could chime in. I personally have experience with Yamaha A-S801 which is a slight step from the A-S701. It makes the same/similar power to the 701 and it powers the Uni-Fi Bookshelf Speakers wonderfully. But at the same time, I’ve been told that Yamaha has a distinct sound the may be described as bright.

    My understand from others is the Marantz generally tends to sound more neutral. But I have very limited firsthand experience.

    Both brands are very popular, and it sounds like a very difficult decision.

    Charles Mallari

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