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    Apologize if this has been asked before, but I was wondering if anyone could comment on the “amount” of bass the UF5 will provide vs the UB5. Obviously, the UF5 will dig a little deeper due to the larger enclosure, but I wasn’t sure how much more overall bass the floorstander would have vs the bookshelf.

    I know the bookshelf is probably engineered to sound like a larger speaker (or a lot like the floorstander). But with the 3 woofers in the floorstander, it should put out more bass in total (and not just deeper bass), correct?

    Everything I’ve read on the two has never compared this directly…just the mention of the lower frequency.


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    Charles Mallari

    Hello TKM,

    I believe we spoke on the phone about this.

    The UB51 and UF51 are timbre matched. In general, UF51 will be able to play louder and have alittle more bass extension. I have notice that the bass extension and overall sound loads in the room a little differently and give a little more dimension and little large spacial quality.

    Charles Mallari

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