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      I just received my Unifi UB5s . Wondering what amp to buy? i have narrowed my choice to cambridge audio CXA 60 or CXA80. I have a big room (16 X 16) with 20 ft ceiling. I am leaning towards CXA80 but just yesterday heard the CXA60. It was so sweet with the UB5s!

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      Any comments friends ? CXA80 or CXA60 ?

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      ELAC Support

      From a speaker stand point the only difference is the power and if they sound good with 60-90 wpc they will sound incrementally better with 80 to 120.

      The CXA80 has a few more features than the CXA60, but the features are dependent on your use and preference. The big difference are the high res dac and balance inputs. Personally, if you have the means the extra $200 for those features I would do it. =)

      – Charles Mallari

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      I am running the cxa-60 with the UB5s in a small/medium sized room and can tell you that they have plenty of power. I like my music a little on the loud side and there is more power on tap than I would ever need. The UB5s with the CXA amps sound amazing, you can’t go wrong.

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