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    Hi, I have some questions.
    1: Can this play DSD or DSF files…if so can it play 5.1 DSD, and DSF files?
    2.Do I need to pay for a subscription like on the Roon?
    3. What is the difference indentured with the Roon, and Roon Essentials?

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    Charles Mallari

    Hello Negatron,

    1. Unfortunately the Discovery cannot play DSD/DSF files.

    2. You don’t need a Roon subscription to run the Discovery. The Discovery runs a version of Roon called Roon Essentials. As far as any other costs, a subscription to Tidal is not a requirement be is certainly a cool feature.

    3. Discovery runs a version of Roon called Roon Essentials and it comes with Roon with no additional fees. Because it’s a “light” or an “Essentials” version of Roon, there a few differences, but in my opinion these are worth the savings. Roon Essential is not capable of DSD audio or MQA, there is a 30,000 Track limit(hardware limit), there are a few differences in categorizing classical music, and not compatible with Chromecast or Qobuz. Features may be added and there are always hopes for more features. I personally use the device at home and none of those missing features take away from the amazing experience.

    Charles Mallari

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