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    I have a useless discovery server. It has been this way ever since I bought the thing. Endless attempts to resolve issues of connectivity and library stability have been thwarted by slow search and response to simple requests, like play selected album/track. Continued drop outs and now silence have brought me to a final conclusion. After what must be a year fighting this product as everyone wants to blame all the ancillary equipment, the network, the internet, the old school amplifier, the nas drive. I have been in touch with you, with roon labs forum (who did not want me there once they discovered I used roon essentials) with the HiFi dealer that I purchased from (with whom I have a relationship going back some twenty years), With the HiFi press where I achieved “letter of the month” with my questions about digital networks, with my neighbor who works in the IT industry. My conclusion is, this product is not fit for purpose. I will cut my losses and simply move on.

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    Chris Walker


    I am very sorry to hear that you are having problems with your Discovery Music Server. I can assure you that this is not the norm. We have the Discovery up and running in 100’s of retail stores without any issue. I would really like to find out exactly what problems you are having and see how we can get things resolved.

    I have emailed you my personal cell phone number. Feel free to call me (Even today) so that we can figure what is going on.


    Chris Walker
    VP Product Development

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