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    in my small room I have very narrow and high peaks in the frequency response.
    The frequency response in the room acquired by iphone/ipad does not match the response acquired using a sweep with REW.
    The automatically calculated compensation curve does not improve the sound of the subwoofer. There are still fluctuations across the frequency range.

    In my small room, I had to disable the AutoEQ feature and use the AVR to compensate for standing waves.

    I see that the subwoofer app does not run a sweep but has series of tones discretely-spaced across the frequency range.
    I am afraid that this might be the cause of a not completely representative frequency response.

    Your EA101EQ amplifier instead seems to produce a sweep,
    1. would you incorporate such feature inside the app?
    2. Could you help me understand if I have done everything right?
    3. Do you have a firmware update?
    4. Should I put the mic in a specific position as shown by Andrew Jones in videos (on the floor and not in middle of the cone)?

    Thanks in advance,
    Mauro (from Italy)

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    An update: I have seen a change in the frequency response doing the close-mic acquisition not with the subwoofer in a corner, but in the middle of the room.
    The frequency response acquisition turns to be more linear, I guess it is better for EQ to have a better reference.

    Maybe someone of ELAC can give us some hints also about this.


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