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    Henrik Schultz


    I just bought the (new) Discovery a few days ago. Fired up a couple of days ago while downloading the Essentials app to my Galaxy 8. The app finds the Discovery fine. I go on to Connect, and get the message that the Discovery must update software etc. I click Download and Install. After about 15 minutes of the Discovery downloading etc, I get sent back to the Connect page. I then click Connect again, and the same thing happens. I never get beyong this tedious routine of Downloading and Installing updates.

    When I, on the Connect page in the app simply search for a device, I’m asked to specify an IP adress (which I don’t know). If I go on to click Scan (without specifying an IP adress), the app fails.

    I have, of course, tried to both re-start and re-set the Discovery. But I get the same error.

    This is neither simple plug & paly, nor very impressive. I have contacted my dealer, who refers to the importer. The importer refers to the dealer. I have complained to both, and they tell me it must be an error, and that they will get back to me. I’m still waiting.

    / Henrin 🙁

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    It’s very frustrating and you will still be waiting for a while because customer service for the ELAC Discovery is terrible.


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    There is an answer for this problem. Can’t tell you what it is since it never happened to me. Do not wait for a response via FORUM.
    Instead please send email to
    Attention: Charles Mallari

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