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    Any suggestions for the Element Amp pared with the Debut B6?

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    Just use some standard 14 gauge speaker cable.
    Make sure it is oxygen free copper and you´re set.
    There is no need to spend lots of money on fancy wire, that won´t make any diffrence in sound.

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    Thats really no good advice.. Cabels can make quite a difference if You belive in it or not!!
    I dont want to go into any dialog about it here at we can never agree anyways on the cable discussion

    The best thing is to go to your local hifi dealer and borrow a some cabels and try it for Yourself.. Always make Your own opinions on Your own experience

    Interconnector both analog and digital, and powercabels also do make a difference. Again please try it for you self.

    Dont just close it down before U have tryed it at home. And theres alot of cheap cabels out there.

    The Audioquest flx-slip 14/2 is really cheap and bang for the money. Its not flashy og bling bling, but it really preformes good in my setup.

    Best Regards

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    You are definitely right, there is a whole war going on about the cable topic and I will not argue on that.


    The best way to find the right cable for you is to test on your own.
    Grab some standard 14 gauge speaker wire with oxygen free copper and borrow a few expensive cables and have a listen.
    Best to do this unbiased. For example, a friend of yours switches the cables and you do not know which one you are listening to.
    If you can hear a difference that’s ok, pick the one which sounds the best.
    If they sound identical pick the cheap one and save money.

    One more point aside from sound is aesthetics. You will find that more expensive speaker wire will look much better and can have banana plugs already attached.
    So, you may choose a more expensive cable just for aesthetics and ease of use, even when it sounds identical to cheaper cable. All a matter of preference.

    Best regards

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