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    I am trying to change from having a network connected USB drive with Itunes to a local connection and when I select storage the software closes. This is true on both IPad and PC.

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    That’s the answer from Roon about that issue:
    ” mike Roon Labs: Product
    December 20
    Hey @Piero – thanks for this report.

    First, I should note that Roon and Roon Essentials are different products, with support for Roon Essentials handled by ELAC.

    We handle support for Roon on this site, but I just want to be clear that we don’t generally deal with Essentials here, as the products are different in a variety of ways, and the distinctions can be confusing – that’s why I’ve set this thread to be unlisted.

    All of that said, I have been discussing this issue with ELAC and we are hoping to release a fix for it soon. Thanks again for the report!”

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    Is there any way to do a re-scan of my library without using the software?

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    The problem also occurs with NAS disk.
    After resetting the Discovery and installing the updates, the error is gone. Only after reading in about 25,000 titles to the library ther error is back.Even without NAS hard drive, only with Tidal Account, the error then occurs again.
    Answer from German Elac Support:
    Unfortunately, we have no control over the software / firmware provided by Roon….

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    I’m also having this problem – I’ve had a lot of communication with Charles to report the problem. Selecting ‘Storage’, ‘Services’ and ‘Support’ causes the app to crash. I’ve restarted, factory-reset and reupdated the firmware in the Discovery server, reinstalled the Roon Essentials app on my iPhone X. Everything works fine for a couple hours while the library imports my tracks from my USB external drive. Once it has imported a certain number of tracks (somewhere above 10-15K) the problem comes back and I can’t select ‘Storage’ because the app just closes on me. They are aware of the problem. It’s a bit of a funny runaround because Roon says they don’t support the Roon Essentials app and to contact Elac. Then Elac says they have no control over Roon software. But Charles has been very nice and responsive and I’m hoping for a fix soon. Cheers!

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    Any update on that problem ? It is still around.

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