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    I have only yesterday received my ELac-S12EQ subwoofer and I have some questions about setting it up and the various settings on the app. I added this subwoofer to my front speakers which are Wharfedale Jade 3 – a rather large bookshelf curved back speaker at 5 inches wide 17 inches tall and 15 inches deep.
    I did the near field and listening position EQ calibration which went very smoothly using my iPad Mini. Now besides the volume and the Auto On/Off features, I am not sure where to set the others to like the Low Pass, the Phase, the delay and the Parametric Equalizer?
    Also my Harman Kardon A/V receiver has it own EQ using the old wired mike held at the listening position for all of the speakers in my 5.1 system – do I use that after I finish my Elac EQ calibration (near field and listening position)? Will the HK AVR EQ change the settings of the ELac EQ set up?
    Of course I am trying to set up this quality subwoofer to enhance both my music and movies and would appreciate any and all assistance in fine tuning this sub.

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