Samsung Note 8 works very well with the Roon app

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    I just sold my iPhone 7+ and got a Samsung Note 8.

    The nice thing about Android is the flexibility. I have Android 7.1.1. and adjusted the app priority.
    I have opened the Roon app and gave it maximum priority in Android.

    Now it starts up more quickly, almost no few seconds connection screen before you can enter your playlist.
    I saw that with high priority and do not close Roon app for battery use, that it don’t draw extra energy on the battery.
    So there are no drawbacks to give it max priority and app always open on background for days.

    I had before this Note the iPhone and as Charles Mallari also told me, in iOS Apple kills after a time the apps to make iOS battery friendly.
    I really like the Roon essentials app more on the Android, more stable with starting up Roon and less waiting.

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