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    Problem started few days back. I have 2 Samsung devices which can’t connect to receiver anymore via bluetooth. I can see EA101EQ-G Control on my bluetooth devices which I should be able to connect. So I open my Elac control program, but there the program doesn’t see any receiver to connect to.

    So what did I do?

    – Power of Elac Element (did not help)
    – Reset Elac Element (did not help)
    – Updated latest firmware (did not help)
    – Reinstalled Elac control software on Android (did not help)

    BUT… I can connect to receiver with iOS Elac software.

    So there seems to be problem with Android devices and Elac Element. Any idea how to get this working?

    Friendly suggestion regarding future products. Do not use Bluetooth like ever. It’s the worst connection protocol you could ever use to connect devices. Wifi and ethernet should be used… just look how Google Chromecast is designed.

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    The Element amplifier uses BLE to communicate. BLE is a direct connect, it does not require pairing, just run the APP and it connects as long as the phone Bluetooth is on and it has BLE.

    If it connects with iOS, then the BLE and amplifier are working. Can you confirm that the Samsung phone has BLE and that the BT is on.

    Note: You must disconnect your iOS in order to connect Android and vice a versa. The APP only support one connection.

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    Yes the Samsung S6 has BLE. It used to work but stopped working. I also tried the connection on my tablet which also is Samsung device and has BLE (Bluetooth 4.0). So in my experience if only one device has problem then the problem is with that device, but if it’s with multiple devices then there has to be some problem with the source (Elac) and target (Samsung).

    I’ll try to disconnect the iPhone and then try to connect again with Android device.

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    OK. Did a test with a One Plus 3 today and it was working just fine. So it seems that there’s a problem with Samsung devices connecting/searching the Elac Element. If I enable BT on Samsung it can see Elac on BT screen and it would be possible to pair with Elac. But if I start Elac software then the phone or tablet doesn’t recognize Elac.

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    i’ve got the same problem with Samsung s4mini; ea101-eq g Control appears in the App and the App tries to connect, but seconds later, “disconnected, select a device from the list to connect”, but list is now empty. In Addition to the Ring arrow Symbol, a Symbol Looking like an Equalizer appears, but clicking on both Symbols has no Effect.

    I also cannot connect with huawei y625-u51. Very frustrating. I do nötig have Otter mobile Phone, so i cannot use the App at all.

    Andy idea?

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    Charles Mallari

    Two common problems with Bluetooth is that:

    1) For the Controls you need to connect via the APP only.

    If you originally connected to the Element Amplifier via Bluetooth settings and try to connect to the device with the App you may run into issues. You will need to go into the devices Bluetooth settings and have the phone “forget the device” or forget the “EA101EQ-G Control”.

    2) Streaming you need to connecting via Bluetooth settings.

    Once the integrated amp says pairing, it does take a little longer sometimes for the device to appear in the phone/tablet.

    If you have further issues they may require individual attention. Please feel free to email me directly at: or or call the 1-888-541-0996

    Charles Mallari

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