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    I recently set up my home theater system with all ELAC Debut speakers which I must say I’ve been very impressed by. The system is powered by a new Pioneer VSX 90. My questions are as follows. First, it seems that the center channel speaker requires a considerably high volume setting in order to be heard at a reasonable listening level. The setting is in the range of “75” out of 100 and this is just to get to a volume that I would say is a normal listening level where you could easily have a conversation with someone in the same room. Just curious if this is normal or not.

    My more pressing issue is that the sub seems to frequently make a loud “popping” noise (at least a couple of times per hour) while watching a show or listening to music. On occasion, it will also stop working after this noise is produced. The sound comes only from the sub; none of the other speakers seem to be effected. I’m hoping that you can assist me with fixing this issue. Fortunately, the speakers are still under warranty. They were purchased several months ago but only recently set up as my home remodel was completed.

    Thanks in advance for any advice you can provide or in giving me the appropriate instructions for return for warranty service.


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    Regarding your center channel volume-I just finished install of the C5 with the rest of the Debut speaker system. I have it connected to the Yamaha 3050 receiver. I did use the YPAO system to tune the volumes but even before that, the center channel had great volume. In fact, my observation is it gives a great level for dialogue and isn’t washed out by the front F5’s at all. Must be a setting or something in your system to cause the problem you are having.

    I have the S10EQ sub and do not hear any popping. Yours sounds like it tripping it’s circuit breaker.

    Hope that helps!

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    a quick test would be to connect these components to another receiver and see if the problem moves to that one. If so, it’s the speaker(s). If not, your pioneer is probably the culprit. With two problems that can be related to the receiver on new speakers, I would think the receiver is a possible cause of both.

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    Chris Walker

    Hi Michael,

    The volume ramp of the VSX-90 is a little different than most other brands (I was in charge of product planning at Pioneer for over 20 years). A volume setting of 75 is not uncommon.. You can change the level of the center channel by itself if you want with the remote or the on-screen menu system.

    Regarding the subwoofer popping, this is normally due to a stray voltage on the subwoofer output. This can cause the auto power/off to happen when it should not. The easy way to solve this is to launch the Sub App on your phone and turn off the auto off feature. This should cause the subwoofer to stop popping…

    Let me know if that fixes your problem.


    Chris Walker

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    Thanks to all for your input. Chris, I will follow your suggestions once back home and let you know.

    Thanks again,


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