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    Hello –

    Enjoying the Discovery Server very much. I have a few questions about Roon Essentials:

    – When will Roon Essentials will be updated to version 1.6?

    – I read in a post on this forum (I believe it was from Chris Walker) that the Discovery Server was certified for MQA at one time. Will we eventually get to play MQA files in a future software update?

    – Are any new music providers – such as Qubuz in future plans?


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    Charles Mallari

    Hello Mark,

    The Roon Essential and Full Roon follow different update paths. If you decide to purchase the Discovery Music Server, please purchase it based on Roon Essential’s current feature set. We fully intend on provide bug fixes and updates to keep it a viable product for years to come.

    Unfortunately, at this Time I have no information on Roon Essentials update path for the future.

    Charles Mallari

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      Charles, was there just a Room Essentials update pushed out? Are there release notes? Thanks!

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