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    I see that the Discovery Server has updated to Roon Essentials v1.5 yesterday. Thank you Elac, but I can’t see much difference between it and v1.3. Could you tell us what features have been added and is there any documentation on it. I would like to know how it compares to v1.5 Roon.

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    Charles Mallari

    Release Notes 1.5 – Build 48

    New Functionality for Build 48:
    • Redesigned Device Setup, with easier automatic settings
    • Improved “Other Versions” with TIDAL
    • Better Handling Of Incomplete TIDAL Albums
    • Internet Radio supports FLAC and OGG/FLAC streams
    • Radio Improvements
    o Avoid bad picks causes by artist genres, limited artists within a genre, or irrelevant artist relationships
    o Better handling of “Holiday” content
    o Less repetitive picks
    • Support for new file tags:
    o “Bootleg” file tags (If MEDIATYPE, MEDIA_TYPE, RELEASETYPE, RELEASE_TYPE, MusicBrainz Album Type = Bootleg)
    o Radio banning using ROONRADIOBAN tag

    There have also some resolved issues and bug fixes.

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