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    I see that the Discovery Server has updated to Roon Essentials v1.5 yesterday. Thank you Elac, but I can’t see much difference between it and v1.3. Could you tell us what features have been added and is there any documentation on it. I would like to know how it compares to v1.5 Roon.

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    Charles Mallari

    Release Notes 1.5 – Build 48

    New Functionality for Build 48:
    • Redesigned Device Setup, with easier automatic settings
    • Improved “Other Versions” with TIDAL
    • Better Handling Of Incomplete TIDAL Albums
    • Internet Radio supports FLAC and OGG/FLAC streams
    • Radio Improvements
    o Avoid bad picks causes by artist genres, limited artists within a genre, or irrelevant artist relationships
    o Better handling of “Holiday” content
    o Less repetitive picks
    • Support for new file tags:
    o “Bootleg” file tags (If MEDIATYPE, MEDIA_TYPE, RELEASETYPE, RELEASE_TYPE, MusicBrainz Album Type = Bootleg)
    o Radio banning using ROONRADIOBAN tag

    There have also some resolved issues and bug fixes.

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    How do I get Roon essentials v1.5? My Discovery server isn’t prompting any updates and is still on v1.3.

    Apologies, looked again and the core is on v1.5 but the firmware is still v1.3.

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