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    Yesterday (29-11-2017) the Roon Essentials software was updated to version 1.3 build 34.
    Where can we find the release notes?

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    I have a problem since this update!!
    In settings clicking on storage or services the programm closes!

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      Charles Mallari

      Hello Klirrfaktor,

      I’m not duplicating that issue on PC, MacOS, iOS, or android. Have you tried power cycling the Discovery?

      Charles Mallari

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    Power cycling heisst vermutlich vom Strom trennen? Hilft leider (bei mir) nicht. Beim iPad und Mac bricht die App komplett weg, bei Android friert sie ein – wenn man in den Settings auf einen Unterpunkt drückt.

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    Nach komplettem Neustart aller Komponenten:
    Ich habe einen TIDAOL Account.
    Problem besteht immer noch. Kein Zugriff mehr auf storage oder services!!!!!
    Prog auf PC (Win10) beendet und muss neu gestartet werden.
    Roon Es. auf Tablet friert komplett ein nach Storage und Tablet bleibt schwarz.
    Bitte um Abhilfe.!!!

    After complete restart of all components:
    I have a TIDAOL account.
    The problem is still present. No access to storage or services !!!!!
    Prog on PC (Win10) stopped and must be restarted.
    Roon Es. on tablet completely freezes after storage and tablet remains black.
    Please help. !!!

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    hmm interesting to see it

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    @charles Mallari

    From German Elac Support:
    Unfortunately, we have no control over the software / firmware provided by Roon….

    Sorry that I use this thread for it, I can also open a new one.

    I reset the Elac, importing the updates and the error was gone. But after connecting my NAS hard drive with about 25,000 titles, the error was back.

    Charles, Can you report that to Roon please?

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    I’ve the same problem. I can run Roon essential on iPad or Android smartphone. Once I select Storage Roon close with both !
    THX bye

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    That is the position of Roon:
    ” mike Roon Labs: Product
    December 20
    Hey @Piero– thanks for this report.

    First, I should note that Roon and Roon Essentials are different products, with support for Roon Essentials handled by ELAC.

    We handle support for Roon on this site, but I just want to be clear that we don’t generally deal with Essentials here, as the products are different in a variety of ways, and the distinctions can be confusing – that’s why I’ve set this thread to be unlisted.

    All of that said, I have been discussing this issue with ELAC and we are hoping to release a fix for it soon. Thanks again for the report!”

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