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    I am trying to set up the Elac Discovery device. I had initially some difficulties to have the device recognized and connected to the Roon essential app on my Samsung phone or the Windows desktop application. After resetting the device 2 times, it started the process of being recognized as a Roon core device but I got interrupted half way. Updates to 1.3 and 1.5 were installed but then, when I had to go through the actual setup through Roon essentials, after creating an account on Roon essentials I got an error message saying : ‘‘Configuration issue: this device has not been configured properly and is missing a required licence. This can be resolved by contacting the manufacturer’’. So what I did, I performed another reset, another update, but when I tried to log in with the same Roon Essential account , I still got the same error.

    This whole setup does not run very smoothly. Unfortunately I do not have too much time in my hands so if I can’t solve this within the next 2-3 days I need to send back the device to the seller because I will be out of my 30 days return period. I am surprised that this whole procedure is a bit more troublesome that I thought it would be for such an expensive device. If anyone has an idea on how to solve this, please let me know. I don’t know how fast Elac technical service is to provide assistance via telephone, but I will contact them today ( December 6th 2018). I am not sure if this is solely an Elac problem or also a Roon essential problem. I hate it when the consumer gets caught in the middle. In the meantime if anyone can help many thanks in advance.

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    Charles Mallari

    I believe we resolved this issue by email/phone. If others have this issue please email

    Charles Mallari

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