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    I just received my UF5s from Amazon. These will be my first true hi-hi speakers. The plan is to use the Uni-Fi line to build up to a full 5.1 surround system, possibly also adding Atmos height speakers as well. I was hoping I could get some advice on receiver selection. The receiver I have been looking at is the RX-V681 from Yamaha. I like the feature set, including MusicCast, and the specs list 4ohm support. But I’ve read that manufacturers power claims can be misleading. Could someone with more experience tell me if this receiver would be a good choice?

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    Hey Shawn,

    I think that’s a pretty good choice in receivers…powerful, but not over the top. I think the trick with the Uni-Fi line is to maximize CLEAN power–at an affordable price. With the Uni’s specs of 85db/watt and 4-ohm average resistance, it’s a bit of a challenge. (Yeah, there are a LOT of receivers and amps that can do it, but to me, spending more than $500 to drive a pair of speakers that cost $500 is crazy.) So, personally, I think you picked a winner.

    You’re totally right about power claims. The key is the combination of watts per channel AND total harmonic distortion. Typical consumers think “more is better” and go for the higher wattage regardless of THD. Think about cheap car stereo amplifiers rated at 1000 watts. Are they really 1000 watts? Sure, but with an unlistenable 30% THD. My college roommate had a very nice two-channel NAD receiver rated at only 40 watts per channel, but the THD was very low. To this day, it was one of the cleanest and punchiest receivers I’ve ever heard.

    So that Yamaha’s specs say 90 watts at .06% THD. That sounds pretty clean to me!

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