Questios using UC5's for all front channels and wall mounted UB5's for rear fill

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    I’m in the process of building a small dedicated home theater room (12’x16’x9′) and I have a couple questions I’m hoping I can get some help with.

    For the front 3 channels, I would like to use UC5’s with the left and right channels standing on their sides on 18in tall stands. This makes them roughly the same height as the UF5’s. The UC5’s fit my budget better then UF5’s and my assumption is they will sound more full than the UB5’s. Would this setup work well, or am I better off going with UB5’s for all but the center channel?

    For the rear channels, I would like to wall mount the UB5’s upside down and angled down towards the listening position. My assumption is that this will give the maximum space between the port and the wall. Do you foresee any issues with this?

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    Three identical speakers across the front is optimum. Which is why movie theatres and mixing rooms do it that way. If you can get all 3 front tweeters to be around the same height, even better. This will give you incredible consistency when sounds move around the front soundstage.

    Your plan for surrounds should work fine.

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    Thanks so much for the great info!

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    Last questions…I think.

    I was just measuring, and I’m only going to have 12″ – 14″ between the back of the left and right UC5’s and the wall as well as 12″ to 14″ from the sides of the UC5’s to the wall. Will this be enough gap to have minimal affect of sound quality? I plan on adding some sound dispersion to the back wall as well as some sound absorption panels to the side walls and bass traps in the ceiling corners. Would adding 2″ – 4″ thick sound absorption panels to the walls behind or directly to the sides of the left and right UC5’s likely help eliminate any boominess, or is this likely overkill?

    If I consider adding a pair of A4’s, will I have issues with the 9′ ceiling height in my smaller room? If so, would ceiling mounting them be an option, or is there a better option?

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