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    I am thinking of buying the Elac BS263 after I was blown away by its previous version the BS253.

    However, now seeing Elac’s whole catalog, I am a bit confused.
    The BS263 is very similar priced to the BS244.3 and BS312 and their specs:

    – Lower series?
    – Nominal/peak power handling: 80/120 wpc
    – Frequency response: 38 to 50,000 Hz
    – Size: 330x200x282mm (HxWxD)
    – Nominal/peak power handling: 60/80 wpc
    – Frequency response: 41 to 50,000 Hz
    – Size: 285x195x285mm (HxWxD)
    – Higher series?
    – Nominal/peak power handling: 70/100 wpc
    – Frequency response: 42 to 50,000 Hz
    – Size: 208x12x282mm (HxWxD)

    So the BS312 is the most compact, and the BS244.3 is the biggest.
    The BS244.3 has a lower bass (it also has a bigger woofer than the other two: 180mm vs 150mm) and apparently more power.

    My question is: sound quality alone, how do you rank those three speakers?

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    So which one did you choose?

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