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    Hi Andrew and Chris,

    I met your guys at the Newport show and ordered the UF5 after I went home. I ordered the “Blemished version” since the color does not bother me. However, the sound is not close to what I heard at the show. The high is not extended and I can hear some distortion like statics when I am playing some music that is not very loud. I believe the pair that I have is defective and will get them exchanged. Hopefully the new ones will be fine. I understand that you guys have to cut cost somehow to make this product at this price point. But I hope the quality control of ELAC speakers will maintain high even though they are made in China.



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    Chris Walker

    Hi Allan,

    I am sorry to hear about your UF5s. I cannot think of what would cause static in the speakers. We took 5 pairs of random samples of the UF5s when they arrive and brought them to our office to measure them and they were very consistent. I am not sure where you purchased them from, but if you run into any problems getting them replaced please let me know and we will help you out.

    Feel free to email me directly at cwalker@elac.com



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    Thanks Chris for your reply. I bought mine at Music Direct and they will ship me a new pair in August. I hope it’s just this particular pair is defective. I really like what I heard at the show and I enjoyed talking to you and Andrew. Please keep up the good work.


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    Hi all,

    I am proud owner of a pair of B6 speakers and have been enjoying them daily for the last few weeks. I just purchased a set of UF5s for my main system. The first of the towers arrived and the crossover was audibly and visibly loose, rattling inside the cabinet. I could see it hanging through the second port. Have you had reports of any other issues like this? I’m still waiting on the second and there is a replacement coming for the damaged first one. I am crossing my fingers that this doesn’t occur with the others but had heard reports of crossovers being loose in a few UB5s. It sounds like another potential manufacturing issue.

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