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    How long after production stops, will ELAC continue to support this device with firmware updates, for improvements and bug-fixes?

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    Chris Walker

    Hi Diki,

    Our plan is to support bug fixes for the Discovery Music Server for a period of 5 years after production ends. As far as product improvements, we cannot guaranty anything beyond what features the product ships with. Of course our plan is to support new Roon features, however there are limits such as hardware capability. We will launching Ver. 1.3 in the next few weeks which will add some new features and improve the speed of the Discovery, however plans beyond this have not been determined.


    Chris Walker

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    Hi Chris,
    I do hope that product improvements & adding Roon features is the priority, in the software world saying that “you cannot guaranty anything beyond what features the product ships with”, is killing the product.
    I for one, would not have bought this product had i known this.

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    Chris is right and you will put off a lot of potential customers like myself if you maintain this attitude. Customer need to know that they are buying into something which will have a reasonable lifespan, since you are effectively controlling it. Let’s say that Roon or Tiday change their login URL for instance, without a fix from ELAC, your product will simply cease to function and, overnight, become an expensive brick.

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    Discovery is a priority at Elac. We have invested 3 years to launch this product and will continue not only to improve it but to add to the ecosystem with wireless speakers, wireless amplifiers and endpoints. We cannot control external factors with Tidal or Roon, what we can say is that as long as both are operable, so will Discovery. We are fully committed to the long term success of Discovery.

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    Dear GC, i am glad to hear this. Discovery is a great product no doubt, but this ambiguity on software matters is stopping me from recommending it to others.
    The real question that i and most customers have is

    You say that Roon is a external factor, but the Discovery runs Roon essential, therefore
    1. Will Roon essentials continue to be upgraded, to be on par with Roon?
    2. Will Elac by itself add features outside of Roon Essentials? (You do have a firmware running in parallel with Roon essentials)
    3. And finally who is maintaining Roon essentials, is it Roon or Elac?

    I did ask this question in the Roon forums and was told that it has to be decided after the coming release of Roon essentials.
    Hope to have clarity on these.

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    Dear Diki

    You are correct, Discovery is a great product that deserves to be sold and recommended.

    Discovery is 100% developed in house. The user interface is running an embedded version of Roon known as Roon essentials. Not every feature in Roon exist in Roon Essentials today, but yes we will update Discovery as new features are available in Roon.

    We will launch Discovery 1.3 late June. This is a major change with many new features.

    We have put enough horsepower into Discovery’s core in oder to provide future support and upgrades. As I mentioned, we are fully committed to the success of Discovery.

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    Chris or GC

    Is the Roon Essentials software a more or less a standard package sold to manufacturers, (that would require some minor modifications based on the hardware) or is it software that has to be developed by each manufacturer?

    I’m a Discovery owner, but I’m surprised that I haven’t seen any other Roon Essentials based hardware. This seems like a major selling point to me.

    One can only assume it is the cost of Roon Essentials software or the effort required to implement RE that is hindering others from releasing such products. Either that, or the Elac Discovery has captured this particular market niche with a very good product at a reasonable price.

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