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    I just installed a new Discovery Server. Both the server and Roon Essentials are running V1.3. Roon Essentials is on a MacBook Pro and the music is on a Seagate USB 3.0 hard drive. Roon says it imported 1250 tracks which is about right for 125 mostly classical CDs.

    The sound quality is good and Roon has lots of nice features. However…

    The first problem was Roon failed to import two tracks of a CD I had ripped – the first two movements of Mahler’s Sym No 4. I re-ripped it in both FLAC and WAVE and it made no difference. Worse it didn’t even see the new versions. I tried moving the missing tracks to the hard disk to no avail. them From the ROON forum entries I can see that this is apparently not an uncommon problem.

    The second problem was that it would stop playing in the middle of a track with the message “Transport Failed to Load Media.” At that point no other album would play; they’d just give the same message. Resetting didn’t work. I unplugged it and after a few minutes plugged it back in. For a short while it would play and then fail to load media again.

    The Discovery Server is supposed to be a “plug and play” device — an easy way to get high quality computer audio without tricking ot a computer. I hope someone has good suggestions, otherwise this piece is going back to the retailer.

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    Charles Mallari

    Hello Herbtwocrows,

    We are glad you are enjoying the discovery music server, but sorry that you having you are having a couple issues.

    Prob #1: Can you copy and paste the titles of the Tracks? And also the folder names? I would like to see them. In the past we had issue with certain characters in filenames and I’m wondering if a specific character was missed.

    Also can you send me a link to that particular album. We may purchase the album and see if we can duplicate the issue.

    Prob #2: “Transport Failed to Load Media” Sounds like a network issue. How did you reset the device? Unplugging it waiting a 10-20 secs and re-plugging the unit back is how I would reset. What type of storage are you using? Nas? Computer? Usb? I need to be able to duplicate the issue.

    Thank you for your patience,
    Charles Mallari

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