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    Last week I discovered the real cause of m problem with mij speakers set: elac 407-a wirelessly connected via air-x base:

    Setup: bluesound node 2 -> analogue connected to port 1 of de air-x base -> wireless connected to elact 407 air-x speakers

    What did I change: I connected another source (in this case my tv) through spdif port 3 on the air-x base.

    Result: when selecting source 3 only the left channel was working -> when selecting source 1 only the right channels was working. Disconnecting source 3 did not solve the problem. I tried to reset the left speaker to the right channel, but somehow the left speaker was not reacting at all. It seems that the air-x base and left speaker are effected some way.

    Solution: disconnecting the second source (Spdif port 3), and unplugged all powerplugs of all devices (air-x speakers, air-x base) for a longer period (I am not sure anymore but I think more than half an hour): the setup was working fine again (Fortunately).

    Note 1): some months before I had a setup of two sources as well, both using the spdif ports (which is different to de setup descibed above), and encountered alsmost the same problem. I described it in this forum as ‘cracking sound’ problem. Looking back: I also disconnected the second source.
    Note 2): this setup described one source via port 1 (Analogue) as working well, but a few months I had only one source connecting via spdif, which was working fine as well. The reason I am now connnecting through an analogue connection is that the MQA-format of my streamer is bypassed when connecting via spdif.
    Note 3) serial speaker 1: 31823E600259 serial speaker 2: 31823E600260, serial air-x base: 83111E000324

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