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    I am planning to buy a receiver Denon avr4400h and power amp rotel rmb1095 5 channel for my speaker setup for 5.1 consists of 2 uf5, 2 ub5, and a uc5.
    This is a new setup and had plans to upgrade for 7.2.4.
    I am confused with the receiver and power amplifiers. I am planning to get a used power amp don’t want invest to much on power amp.
    I can afford upto $1500 for power amp. I found used rotel rmb1095 for pretty good deal but not sure with the application numbers, this is my first setup and need some help.

    Guys pls suggest me which is good with Elac Uni-fi series.

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    Charles Mallari

    Funny you use the word invest, as I believe that a good power amp is an investment in a home audio/theater system. In many cases, the other electronics in a system may become obsolete rather quickly. But all speakers benefit from good power and the inputs and outputs of a power amp haven’t really changed.

    Based on specifications that Power amp seems to have ample power to effortlessly power the Uni-Fi speakers. I have not used that amp so I cannot give a recommendation. So I’m hoping that other can weigh in.

    Charles Mallari

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    Did you purchase the amp and how do you like it? I have the same receiver and looking into getting a power amp for my 5.2.4 system.

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