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    I am interested in getting some UB5’s (will be placing the order within the next few days).

    i want to know what the community and mods think is a better way to power these speakers. I will mainly be listening to Vinyl records.

    Which is going to give me a better sound for speakers, was the Elac amp “made” for these speakers? Volume i am not too concerned with, just want quality for listening to vinyl records.

    PS Audio Sprout- 50watts @4ohms
    Elac Element EA101EQ-G-80 watts @4ohms

    thank you

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    Charles Mallari

    Hello Badfinger,

    I am biased, but with the extra power, auto eq, and auto blending the EA series amp is the preferred choice in powering the UB5s.

    But since your going to be listening to vinyl, the sprout has a built in phono preamp that would be important depending on which turntable you purchase.

    Charles Mallari

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