Onkyo TX-RZ900??? 4ohm switch? Is this receiver good for Uni-fi?

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    I’ve ordered the UF5 slim speakers and center speaker.
    I just picked up an Onkyo TX-RZ900 receiver.
    The Onkyo specs are:

    All Channels: 200 W/Ch (6 Ohms, 1 kHz, 0.9% THD, 1 Channel Driven) 140 W/Ch (8 Ohms, 20 Hz–20 kHz, 0.08% THD, 2 Channels Driven)
    Dynamic Power: 320 W (3 Ohms, Front) 270 W (4 Ohms, Front) 160 W (8 Ohms, Front)
    Speaker Impedance: 4 or 6 Ohms–16 Ohms

    There is a setting to change the speakers to 4 ohm. Does this need to be selected? I’ve been reading that I should leave it at 8 ohm.

    The article states:
    “Some Receivers have an impedance selector switch. In most cases we recommend the 8-ohm or more setting. The manufacturer puts them there for UL/CSA approvals as well as easing consumer concerns about driving low impedance loads. These switches step down voltage feed to the power sections which will limit dynamics and overall fidelity. Keep the switch set for 8 ohms regardless of the impedance of your speakers and ensure proper ventilation of the Receiver.”

    So is will this receiver work well with the speakers and center speaker?
    Do I need to change the speaker setting to 4 ohm or just leave it at 8 ohm?

    Thank you!

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    OK so I’ve been playing with this setup and everything is great. My biggest problem is my living-room acoustics, but I’ll work on that later.
    The guys at Elac really helped me out, thanks guys!
    This receiver drives these speakers easy.
    The receiver fans turn on after a long period of music playback. The fans don’t turn on with movies.
    I’m still tinkering with the center speaker for movies.
    I added the 12eq sub to the mix as well.

    Now I just need to add some ceiling rears. Recommendations?

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    What is the answer with the four ohm question?

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    Charles Mallari

    Hello MM & JHJ1,

    Overall we recommend sticking to the the manufacturer’s suggested setting for 4 ohm. The Uni-Fi is a nominal 4 ohm speaker and measures should be taken as such.

    There are plenty of articles/audio gurus including the one posted above, that state the switch is not needed and handicaps your system and you lose dynamics and fidelity. If you choose to do this, you do it on your own risk. But I would play at moderate volume level monitoring heat, as overheating is a sign the receiver is failing. Next I would compare do A – B on different tracks, different movie scenes. Some will recognize the differences while others may not. If you don’t notice a change I would leave the safeties in place and protect your AVR. If you find that those setting are significantly positive, do as you wish, but know that some AVR manufacturers may void warranty, if things go wrong.

    Charles Mallari

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