Onkyo A-9010UK amplifier… Will it work with the Uni-Fi B5?

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    Hi Chris,

    I´m almost sold to the Onkyo A-9010UK reviews, so I was wondering if this amp could drive the Uni-Fi B5 ¿?

    According to one review: “Power is rated at 44 watts per channel for 8 ohm speakers, and 70 watts per channel for 4 ohm speakers.

    Here are the full specs:

    Thanks in advance!

    Best regards.-

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    I paired the Uni-Fi B5’s with the US version of this receiver. It sounds really nice at low volumes in a near-field setup but I’ve since upgraded my power to an Emotiva A300 (300 watts @ 4 ohm vs. 70 watts for the Onkyo) and moved to eight feet away on stands and I wouldn’t go back.

    I’m still using the Onkyo as a preamp and I really like its sound signature and tone controls etc. but I would recommend quite a bit more power for these speakers. I like to listen to symphonic music at relatively high volumes and the Onkyo would clip at approximately 60% gain in the really dynamic bits of a Mahler symphony which was just unacceptable. With more juice behind the speakers you can play them a lot louder and they stay full with solid impact and presence. With less power they had a tendency to sound ‘flat’ and ‘shouty’ at high volumes even before things started to clip.

    Hope that helps.

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    I have been using the A-9010 with my UB5s since I got them in August and they definitely have the power necessary to drive them. I’m pretty sure that Caleb’s listening levels above are insanely loud because I’ve always had to pull back on the volume, so as not to push my neighbours into murderous rages.

    The UB5s sound amazing with them but given how even Mr. Jones is pairing them with pretty high end kit, I’m curious as to how a step up in amplification quality will do.

    On a side note, they do sound much better with some distance away from you and a fair bit of width between them too. My sweet spot so far is about 8-10 ft apart and 10-12 ft from the listening position.

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