No sound reproduction of 96/192 24 bit Hi Res files via digital coax out.

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    I have always connected the Elac Discovery to my amplifier in an analogue way and it plays excellent!
    Now I have purchased a Tentlabs B-dac and connected digitally via coaxial output.
    This combination plays fine with 44.1 and 48 Khz files, regardless of I set the Discovery output to 48,96,192 Khz, 16 or 24 Bit.
    But if I play some High Res 96 and 192 Khz I do not hear music.
    To determine which source is wrong, I have borrowed a Bluesound Node 2 from my friend and connected to the Tentlabs B-Dac.
    The Bluesound Node 2 plays all formats up to 192Khz coaxially fine with the Tentlabs B-Dac. So the problem lies with the Discovery.

    In the meantime I have tried a lot:
    Discovery reset.
    Discovery firmware 1.5 update.
    Discovery set with different combinations of 48, 96 and 192Khz, combined with 16, 24 or 32bit.
    The volume at 100%, as well as volume turned off.
    Other Coax cable.
    Unfortunately I can not try optically because I do not have optical cable …

    In summary, the Discovery Digital Coax output can only sound up to 48Khz, however, according to the specifications, the digital outputs should represent up to 192 Khz!

    What would be wrong?
    The Discovery is still in warranty !
    Its seems that I not be the only one with this problem!

    Hopefully there will soon be a answer to a solution!

    With Kind Regards,

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    Hi rudolfie,

    You should try a different optical cable. Even though the spec is up to 192k, often some lower quality or damaged cables can’t hit that.

    Good luck!

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    Charles Mallari

    Hello Rudolfie,

    The coaxial output should play fine 24/192 fine

    Can you send me an email? I’m wondering if there is something else wrong.

    Charles Mallari

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    Elac seem to be pretending this is something unusual to your setup and blaming poor quality cables. I reported the same problem a couple of months ago, as have other people, my cables are good quality and have been in use with other equipment. I’m disappointed that Elac aren’t admitting there is a general problem. It’s either a hardware or a software problem. If software, they should patch it, if it’s hardware they should fix affected units under warranty. This – pretending it’s your fault doesn’t wash, VW emissions scandal all over again. You’re luck they responded to you actually, they didn’t respond to my post.

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    It’s more about compatibility.

    I’ve tried with my 2 DACs using coax output, both can receive 24/192. The PS Audio Perfectwave is negative, only clicking noise (not from the speakers but from the DAC unit itself like it could get damaged, though 44.1 audio plays normally). The other one, TEAC UD-501 is working just fine, even showing PCM 96 or 192 on its front display.

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